Cragnolin Engineering & Design Associates, DPC is professional design consulting firm, capable of providing clients with a variety of engineering services.

We are determined to become a leader in “Intelligent Infrastructure” implementing structural modeling from project inception. Committed to our professional endeavor of utilizing the most accurate and thorough technology available for “Integrated Project Delivery,” we proceed with the proper tools used to plan, design, construct, and maintain the infrastructure of tomorrow.

The "Information Modeling" approach to design focuses on information reuse, improves quality, and reduces costs by streamlining design workflow, ultimately setting a new industry standard.

Cragnolin Design provides a comprehensive approach to the art and design of the built environment.

Cragnolin Design is a D/M/WBE certified engineering firm offering comprehensive professional design services specializing in the following:

* Consultant for the NYC Housing Recovery Build It Back Program and Participating Professional Design Consultant in the NY Rising Housing Recovery Program.

* Structural Condition Assessments - Condition inspection and structural analysis to evaluate an existing structure, and if required, perform a Detailed Assessment.

* Intelligent Structural Modeling - 3D Structural Analysis and Design (also known as BIM - Building and/or Bridge Information Modeling).

* Light Gauge Cold-Formed Steel Framing (CFSF) as Specialty Structural Engineer (SSE) of both low and mid-sized commercial structures.

* Critical Path Method (CPM) - Primavera P6 Construction Scheduling and Review.

* Site Design - Drainage and Grading, Stormwater Management, Erosion and Sediment Control, Landscape Design.

Through our integrated team approach, we continually seek to expand our client base and offer reliable, efficient and cost effective consulting services to key individuals within the infrastructure network.